Friday, 16 December 2016

What people think about the immigrants?

                  Some time ago, two volunteers from Taize visited us. They told us about their Taize community and about their volunteer work. (If you are more interested about this community enter here: ).

               We gave them the survey with the questions about refugees and immigrants. They answered those questions and I would like to share with you the results of that survey:) 

              One of them said that their presence rather enrich us than disturb. They can share so much things with us: their culture, cuisine, the way of thinking. She also said that welcoming them is our strength.

          She was studying in Brussels and she said that she loved this muticultural, colourfoul and enriching place. ,,Around you there are so much foreigners from arabic countries, Africa, Asia, Latin America.On the street people speak so many languages, there are also a lot of places from like shops or restaurants from another countries''.

             She summed it up with saying  that she is for welcoming bigger amount of immigrants, give them hospitality because we receive from it as much as they receive.

              The other one said that those people are just like us, or at least not so different- ,,The teenagers play football, I saw one of them running everyday, in the famillies older kids look after the younger ones''. She don't feel difference because of their presence.

                She also said a thing that is very inspiring: ,,Because of the fact that in Taize there are people literally from all over the world, most of the time I don't realize if the person next to me is a refugee or just someone who come for the retreat''.

She said that she agree with accepting refugees, those who really cannot stay in their country. She is not so sure about the other migrants. ,,It's not an easy topic, nearly impossible to decide''

Thanks to them and their experience we could learn a lot of things;)

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