Saturday, 29 October 2016

Hello again!:)
Recently, I was a little bit thinking, what is a migration for us? Is it a big change or a challenge? And then, I did some research. I found out that NOW we have so many emigrants in our country, what about them? One year passed (because the data is from 2015) and we haven't experience any attack or whatever else. So why so many people are scared about new emigrants? Have a look at the data from 2015, but remember to check the data about Poland, not China, which is the first written there:)
Data about immigrants in Poland in 2015
What to think about it? In my opinion, people kept moving around the world and they will be doing it. We shouldn't be worried. Be tolerant, be respectful and be a human! 

Don't forget that any opinion is important for us. You can leave your in the comment below:)

Monday, 24 October 2016


On the previous Friday, the representatives of our group went to 20 Middle High School in GdaƄsk. There was going to be an Oxford Debate, which we had known only from a definition. I guess that some of you haven't heard about it also? So, let's begin with some short piece of theory:)

Oxford Debate is lead by a marshal, who is supported by secretary. There are also two groups: proposition and opposition. The topic of the debate was "Flying is our future". Both groups had to come up with some arguments and prove that they are right. It seems pretty easy, doesn't it? But here's the trick! Imagine that you're standing in the front of the audience confidently and speeching on your argument, and then suddenly someone is asking you a question "Which data did you find to prove it?".

That's the hardest part of it. The speaker obviously is stressed BUT they must come up with something, because this has a big influance on the situation of the group. So that's the challenging part of the debate! On Friday's debate there were students not only form Poland, but guess from where? From Romania! In that time, there was an exchange, and the evening was connected with the movie night!

The groups unusually consisted of 4 people, to give more people an opportunity to present their thoughts. As we were watching the debate, it wasn't hard to observe, that it was a pitched battle. The proposition claimed that flying is a comfortable, safe and fast mean of transport. They told us about two meanings which came with the comfortableness: fast way to get to many places and an opportunity to book a ticket online. What is more, they mentioned an important aspect - our health. Which option would you choose: go to London by plane in around 2 h or by bus, SITTING THE WHOLE DAY ?! "And time is money" quoting one of the speakers:)

On the other side, the opposition was doing very well, also. They said the planes are often used as a terrorist weapon, for instance the attack on World Trade Center. 

But after saying this the proposition cleverly asked: "Aren't they using other kinds of weapons?". The group was still defending their arguments, mentioning the accidents, as well as the well-known today pokemons, but in the end the audience chose one winner, and it was THE PROPOSITION. When everything was going to finish, the organizer thank us for coming, and we on our way back home were discussing about the next debate, which we want to organise at our school this time. Keep checking the news on our blog!

What do you think? Is flying really our future? We are waiting for your opinion in the comments below:)

Monday, 17 October 2016


   In partnership with schools from Germany and Finland, we've just started a two-year project  ERASMUS + about migration! The aim is to increase tolerance and acceptance of other cultures and immigrants around youth. It is also a great opportunity to learn new things about  different countriesWe hope that you'll like our work and it'll be useful.
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