Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Conference in Toulouse

         It's been a while, since our last post, so here are some news from us:)
        Between the 6th and 9th of December our French and Spanish teachers went to the international conference in Toulouse. Its subject was ''Migrants' children-how do we accept them in our European countries?''. 

        People attending the conference came there from Finland, Belgium, France, Greece, Norway, Poland(of course-this is post about them:)) and Romania.

       What our teachers discovered there was that the Finns can say with proud about their specific experience in working with migrants' children. They are covered by the special programme-Preparatory Instruction, they are learning language and other subjects. They also get to know the culture of this country. Parents are also involved in that programme.

My teacher said that this conference was the great opportunity to share the experience in working with migrants' children, specially those countries which are doing it a bit longer- such as France or Finland. It is for sure that except programmes like that we also need openness and empathy.

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