Friday, 16 December 2016

Migration around us

Everyone has in school, work or in the district someone who came from different country and lives temporarily or permanently in Poland. Have you ever thought how those persons can feel like when they moved? Did they have someone here? Why have they changed place of residence?
We decided to ask those people, who left theirs country to live in Poland, about few things.
               One of these persons is Denis, who is going to our school, he is a leader of student board  and he is taking an active part in school’s life.  So we decided to ask him few questions to get some information about coming immigrant to another country.

1.How it happened that you came to Poland?
Denis: I wanted to study at university here but I came earlier because it wasn’t future in Ukraine.
2.Did something surprise you when you came here?

Denis: Yes. Roads. Also shops are being closed on holidays and at 9 p.m.
3.Did you have any fear of leaving your country if you had any?

Denis: I was very afraid because I didn’t know what I could expect, what I could do etc.
4.How often do you usually go back to the Ukraine?

Denis: I usually back there 2 – 3 times a year to visit friends and teachers.

5.Was language learning easy?
Denis: First few months were really hard. But since I started taking extra lessons of Polish and when students chose me as councilor of student board, language learning became a pleasure.

 6.Would you call Poland your second home?
Denis: Yes. I can even tell that I feel 60% Polish and 40% Ukrainian.

Second person who wanted to tell something about yourself is Xaoran Xu, student at University in Warsaw.
1. How it happened that you came to Poland? Did you read about Poland or hear from someone?
               For studying. I had learnt brief history of Poland during my high-school history classes.

2. What was your afraid of living here, if you had any?
               If there is one, maybe fail in exams, then school would kick me out from Poland.

3. What is type of your migration? Temporarily or for a longer time?
               Temporarily, usually it’s for 2 years.

4. How polish people react for you?
I only make friends with cool guys. Generally speaking my Polish friends are very outstanding, girls are pretty and smart; boys are humorous and drink like fishes. So Polish people’s reaction is very kind for me.

5. Is something strange in Poland?
How could Polish people drink alcohols like water? And why Polish people have chosen current government?

6. After university do you want to stay here?
Poland is my second hometown already, there is no reason to leave from here if work conditions satisfy me.

We think our friends helped you to get some knowledge about migration. Why young people are coming to Poland? What is it hard and strange for them? Many of us also want to move that is why it is good to get some information about migration.
      What do you think about going abroad for study or work? Is it worth? Maybe is it better to stay at home? Please give answers in comments.

Natalia Baranowicz

Dominika Karpińska

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